About us

We are a concepts-based company that produces beautiful baby stimulation toys and décor products for private clients, reputable baby retail outlets and breast-feeding clinics around South Africa.

Founded by Vanessa Meredith in 2009, Ruby Melon started as a passion project. An expecting mom at the time, and with a background in early childhood development, Vanessa saw an opportunity to combine her knowledge of baby stimulation and development with her flair for design to contribute to the growing baby industry. Today, we continue to work with leading experts in their respective fields to develop products that stimulate baby’s auditory, visual, social and gross-motor developing needs.

We love what we do and are proud to offer you our growing range of practical and beautiful products. Thank you for stopping by!


To constantly develop new products that are generated from practical and fresh ideas. We aim to provide these products to babies and their mommies to facilitate correct baby stimulation, functional nursery décor and beautiful bonding experiences. All of this delivered in the Ruby Melon quality way.


To be a market leader in the baby stimulation, nursery décor and general apparel industry.

Our Team

Vanessa Meredith



Accounts Manager


Production Manager


Quality controller, Finishing Clerk,
Product Manufacturer


CMT Specialist, Pattern Maker,
Products Developer


Graphic Designer

The Heartfelt Project

Ruby Melon is the exclusive distributor of the Heartfelt Ruby Melon range and we are proud to work very closely with the talented ladies from Heartfelt.

The Heartfelt Project is a job creation and community development project. It was set up in the rural community of Makapanstad in 2006 by Martha Letsoalo and Julie Hadley.

Each product is beautifully hand-sewn by the women in the local community and made with lots of love. Heartfelt’s philosophy is simple: Always make each product out of love, fill it with hope and send it out into the world to spread its wings. Every action can make a tiny difference. Lots of tiny differences can mean a lot of action.

Each product sold helps to feed and clothe the special Heartfelt ladies and their families.Heartfelt also gives back to the local community through HIV/AIDS initiatives and many others.

So when you purchase anything from the Ruby Melon Heartfelt range, not only are you spreading the love through this ethical baby range, but you are filling many hearts with hope.

Educational books

Since 2009, Ruby Melon has been writing and publishing educational resource material and workbooks. Originally these titles were sold and distributed through Ruby Melon. In 2016, due to company growth and client demand, the educational book publishing division of Ruby Melon expanded into its own entity currently trading as Ruby Print & Play.

Should you require any information about our educational publications, please contact us on mail@rubyprint.co.za or +27 (0)21 949 9945.